6 Ways To Attract An Honest Man 

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If we want to be honest man then we should live our values. Even those of us who try to live an honest life should make some simple changes.

1.Know who you are 

Many people don't know themselves or what they want. Explore your options. Finding your happiness takes time. You must be honest to get them to be.

2. Know You Deserve Love

Women feel inadequate. Many of us grew up without the love we needed. Not everyone knows how to love, so most of us still want it. No one dislikes being told they matter.

3. need to feel loved.

Because of childhood learning.Your parents may not have helped you understand your feelings as a child, so you may not know what you need

4.welcome their requests

Your honest man isn't a mind reader. Tell them what you need, where you're uncomfortable, and how you want things done

5. Setting Boundaries

Many struggle to set and maintain boundaries. If someone breaks a boundary, even if they forgot or aren't used to it, you may get angry or give up.

6. Give your partner grace

My husband and I made a "Do-Over" agreement early in our marriage. If we hurt someone and asked for forgiveness, we could get a do-over. We decided to start over without resentment or anger.

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