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6 Tips for Women to Lose Belly Fat

Each woman is uniquely beautiful. One thing most women hate? Abhorrent belly fat. It's usually uninvited and stubborn about leaving.

1. solid cardio routine 

Duke University Medical Center found that aerobic or cardio exercise is the best way to reduce dangerous belly fat.

2. Strength training

Weight loss also requires strength training. Strength training burns calories during recovery in the gym and at home. Strength training makes you toned.

3.high protein foods

Lean protein fills up meals without adding calories. Lean proteins—such as chicken, fish and plant-based proteins—are excellent sources of nutrition.

4. Maintain a diet 

Losing weight is all about a calorie deficit. Eat fewer calories than you burn. Weight loss research has focused on low-carb or low-fat diets.

5. cheat day each week

If you want to lose weight consistently, don't worry about "breaking the rules" occasionally. You will be satisfied if you follow your routine.

6. Tell your doctor your weight-loss goals.

Diet and exercise are important for weight loss. Talk to your doctor if you are doing everything right but still not able to lose weight.

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