5 Things to Never Say When Arguing With Your Partner.

1:You're overreacting.

You're overreacting, calm down," or "It's not a big deal. Invalid statements like that can quickly add unnecessary fuel to the fire.

With this process, you may also find that you can find a solution together. With this process, you may also find that you can find a solution together.

2:You're a #$@!%.

Throwing out hurtful words can happen in the heat of the moment, yelling and cursing at your partner or saying things like "You're an idiot" ultimately creates a very hostile environment.

When humiliation comes into play, your partner may try to diffuse the current situation instead of focusing on the problem that caused the argument.

3:I never said that.

There is a form of emotional abuse that makes its victims feel insane. Talking to each other like this will only intensify your feelings and put you both on the defensive.

In other words, if you and your partner can't stop nagging at each other, it may be beneficial to seek professional help.

4:You always or You never

Extreme statements almost always lead to defensive reactions. After all, most of the time these things are not true.

And such harsh generalizations don't leave much room for real feelings and honest communication. That's what the problem is,

5:We should just break up.

Threatening to end the relationship during a fight is a bad idea. Over time, it sends messages to your partner

That makes it hard for your partner to trust that you'll stick around," Deen told Best Life. Choosing to go the breakup-danger route also demonstrates that when things get tough,

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