5 Surprising Items Customs May Flag You for at Airport Security

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1. Chocolate

Many people don't realize that some chocolate items are imported into the U.S. are illegal in the U.S. and customs will stop you.

Kinder Eggs, or Kinder Surprise, are illegal in the U.S. A hollow chocolate egg with a toy inside may seem harmless, but it can conceal contraband.

2. Tulip bulbs and other plants

Dutch tulips are famous. visitors can bring bulbs back to the U.S. if they follow certain rules.

The markets in Amsterdam and Holland sell bulbs that cannot be shipped to the US. They must have a stamp indicating that they have been inspected and approved for travel.

3. Electronics

Electronics can be pulled for inspection if Customs thinks they could be used for illegal activity or if they weren't properly identified.

A Piece of Travel co-founder Laura Olds always gets stopped for carrying a laptop keyboard. The keyboard gets swabbed and put back.

4. Coffee or tea

A lot of grounds or tea leaves are vacuum packed and sealed, which can make them more suspect. It is often held up for inspection to make sure it is legal.

Avoid vacuum-sealed bags when returning coffee. To avoid Customs stops, label everything so Customs agents can see what it is and where you got it.

5. Supplements or prescriptions

Customs follows TSA's medication rules. Loose or Ziploc-bagged items are more likely to be flagged.

5. Supplements or prescriptions

If your medicines or equipment are not in their original containers, you must have a copy of your prescriptions or a letter from your doctor.

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