5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Get Your Lawn Ready for Guests

1:Remove debris.

Spring lawn maintenance begins with debris removal. Removing dead leaves, twigs and debris will encourage growth.

Likely to be filled with a lot. US In many parts of the U.S., leaves don't fall until late winter, so many people have more leaves in their yards.

Aerate your lawn.

Soil aeration is important. Cox says the process involves drilling holes in the soil to let water and air in. Aerating the soil helps water, air and nutrients reach the roots.

Aeration reduces thatch, a layer of dead grass and plant matter on soil.Thatch prevents water and nutrients from reaching the root system.


A couple of spring nitrogen-based fertiliser shots can really help with the green colour and growth of your lawn.For a rich green, apply liquid iron-based product to the leaves.

Experts also recommend determining the exact type of grass you have before choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn.

Do a low mow.

Mow less to start the season." Like a haircut, removing the top layer encourages growth. Cox suggests this as the final step.

Mowing depends on whether your lawn is cool-season or warm-season. High Country Gardens says cool-season grasses are green by mid-spring and active until late fall.

Add the finishing touches.

If you've maintained your lawn, it's probably looking good. There are always minor improvements to make before guests arrive.

He suggests using an edging tool or spade to create a clean border between your lawn and flower beds, walkways, or other areas.

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