5 Romantic Gestures They'll Never Forget, Experts Say

1:Write a love letter.

A love letter is an old fashioned and cheap way of telling your partner that they are loved and appreciated.

Slip the letter into their pocket or purse without telling them." It can be very romantic and special because of the unexpected element of finding it and its message.

2:Help them check bucket list.

If you're able to help your partner do something they've always wanted to do but haven't had the chance to do, they won't be as quick to forget it.

Helping accomplish small bucket-list items shows that you not only listened to their dreams and aspirations, but want to help them live their best life.

3:Plan a trip.

Speaking of travels, planning a memorable vacation is another romantic gesture that won't soon be forgotten.

"These memories are true only to you and your significant other, and [they] illuminate and develop your relationship in ways that are meaningful and revealing.

4:Create a memorable meal.

Eating is a necessity, but it is also a way for people—especially couples—to come together.

There's also "something so sexy" about the effort required to create a memorable meal, so definitely consider this option if you want to reignite the spark.

5:Give them a thoughtful gift.

If your partner's love language is gifts, they'll appreciate you choosing something just for them.

This could be anything from jewelry with sentimental value, tickets to an event they've been wanting to see, or something that reminds them of you.

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