5 Relationship-Destroying Dating Mistakes

We know dating is hard.If you're always struggling to get serious, there may be a problem. 

Too fast.

After many failed dates, you may want to speed things up. According to relationship therapist Michael Ostler, LMFT, urgency may be holding you back.

Trying to move the relationship forward when your potential romantic partner is not ready can create relationship stress and even risk its existence

You're overstepping.

Showing interest is important in dating because people want to be wanted. "coming on too strong" can quickly derail things.

She advises against overbearing. "Calling, texting, and making serious future comments may make them uncomfortable and end the relationship."

You're self-absorbed.

Relationships are mutual. If a potential suitor thinks you don't want to know them, they'll leave.

As we get to know someone romantically, we naturally open up about ourselves, he says. Ostler warns against making everything about you.

You're too pessimistic.

Partner support is often sought when venting or complaining. That focusing on the negative can damage relationships.

Talking about your negative life experiences, world views, opinions, and feelings can leave your potential romantic partner feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and otherwise turned off.

You're fake.

It's different from pretending to be someone else. Rubenstein believes long-term relationships require authenticity.

Talking about your hopes for the relationship, whether casual or more, will only benefit your relationship.


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