5 Conversations To Have With Your Partner Before Marriage

1. How will we face the challenges together?

Couples today face challenges that couples in the past never had to consider.

Couples must have a plan for how they are going to face the conflict. In the past, couples often joined a community, whether it was a religious community or just a close family community that helped guide the newlyweds. was able.

2.Effect of family on marriage

The marriage of a couple creates a new family which may challenge the family dynamics already established.

Couples considering marriage need to have a conversation about how to define family roles and set clear boundaries to minimize issues in the future.

3. Do we have a common vision of the future?

This is a very important conversation, whether couples have a common vision about the future or not.

Therefore, in addition to talking about whether they see eye to eye on subjects before getting married, couples should also talk about how they want their future to be.

4. Will accept each other's influence.

Identified an element in relationships that was essential to success called accepting influence.

Whether or not the ripe partner is willing to meet you half way from the start. If a couple seems to be struggling with power struggle issues from the start, it is often not a good sign to acknowledge the impact

5. Money and Intimacy Values?

After marriage, money becomes a very important issue that couples need to discuss.

Conversations about sex and intimacy, if not handled correctly, can often lead to hurt feelings, defensiveness, and/or avoidance. It should come as no surprise that a lack of sexual intimacy is one of the top reasons couples divorce.

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