Hollywood, the once-glamorous and fascinating city often glorified in movies and TV shows, is considered the worst tourist destination in the US by Americans.

Niagara Falls

The second user was disappointed with the towns around Niagara Falls, despite its beauty. The user thinks the tourist destination is unattractive due to commercialization and neglect.

Myrtle Beach

American tourists have called Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a tourist trap. They suggest visiting more authentic and enriching destinations.

Great Salt Lake

Imagine reading a review that calls a popular tourist spot the worst in the nation while planning your next vacation. The Great Salt Lake in Utah was slammed by a disgruntled traveler.

Mount Rushmore

The surrounding area may be disappointing, but Mount Rushmore is an impressive engineering feat. Lack of nearby amenities and activities may disappoint visitors. 

Bourbon Street

An adventurer claims that New Orleans' Bourbon Street is the worst tourist destination in the U.S. It's trashy, overpriced, and depressing for drunken revelry.

Lancaster, Pa

A wandering soul questioned why anyone would visit Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to stare at the Amish. Lancaster's tourism industry exploits and disgusts the commenter.

Times Square

Some Americans found Times Square a waste of time. These tourists say the area has expensive stores, cheap, tacky gift shops, giant signs, and too many people.

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