12 Fast Food Chains That Don't Use 100% Real Chicken



McDonald's has long been at the top of the fast food chain, after McDonald's was accused of serving fake food after it was revealed that the burger patties are actually made with beef, although each contains meat from several different cows. Is,

White Castle

White Castle chain favorite Chicken Rings is one item customers can't seem to get enough of. The restaurant's ingredients list reveals that in addition to chicken, the rings are made from: "Water, salt, sodium phosphate, (corn, potatoes) and carrageenan, cooked chicken.


Ingredients include: "water, isolated soy protein, salt, [and] sodium phosphate, sodium phosphate is often used to thicken and aid in preventing spoilage of the meat." Whataburger Chicken Strips contain some non-chicken Regardless of the ingredients, consumers are flocking to the restaurant.

Dairy Queen 

The franchise uses a solution in its chicken strips that includes: "water, hydrolyzed soy protein, salt, and sodium phosphate," so if you're allergic to milk, wheat, or soy, you shouldn't eat its chicken strips.


While considering fast food chains that don't use 100% real chicken, the chain's grilled chicken is also made with "modified food starch, vinegar, salt, [and] sodium phosphates," according to its ingredients list.

Burger King

Burger King, despite its name, may have gained more of a reputation for its chicken dishes than its burgers. There is hardly a guideline more egregious than the inclusion of certain additives in your chicken nuggets.


McDonald's, its sandwich chain, does not use 100% real chicken. Its chicken strips share less than half, and the other half of its DNA is soy. From potato starch, dextrose, yeast extract and sodium phosphate.

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