11 Surprising Benefits of Eating a Banana a Day

According to some research, the potassium and low sodium content of bananas can help in controlling blood pressure, if you eat them in regular amounts.

Blood pressure regulation

Bananas are sweet, so you'd think they would raise blood sugar. Bananas actually lower blood sugar, according to research.

Blood sugar regulation

Bananas contain antioxidants that fight free radicals, which is important because "over time, free radicals can build up in the body."

 Reduce free radicals

When you're backed up, doctors recommend bulking up and softening your stool with fibre. Fiber-rich bananas can promote regular.

Support healthy bowel 

Bananas improve digestive health and aid in waste elimination. Best says bananas contain dietary fibre.

Promote digestion 

The potassium in bananas has many health benefits that help the nerves, muscles, heart and brain function properly.

Support muscle building 

Bananas aid in lipolysis, a physiological process that breaks down fat stores into energy.

Can boost energy 

 Potassium-rich diets may lower heart disease risk. "One medium banana provides 10% of your daily potassium.

 lower heart disease risk

Magnesium consumption improves mood, cognition, and sleep quality as well as tryptophan. Bananas provide 8% of your daily magnesium.

Support better sleep 

Bananas contain anti-inflammatory compounds such as catechins and dopamine, which are helpful in reducing inflammation.

Reduce inflammation

Bananas are high in potassium, which may help prevent chronic kidney disease.

 Healthy kidney function

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