10 Top Bridal Beauty Trends for 2023

Makeup Looks

This versatile technology is a perfect balance of radiant and matte skin, giving fans of dry skin the option of all-day wear.


We're looking for very light, natural contouring if any. Try using a matte bronzer for a softer application for this look.


Bridal eyeshadow trends are also glowing. “Many of our brides don't wear makeup daily, so we keep the eyeshadow subtle and neutral.


Best wedding day styling? Eyebrows are well-groomed. Brow gel keeps them strong throughout the day.

Lip Color

Brides prefer lip gloss and sheer coverage. Gloss is great for photos and moisturising. Keep a gloss for nighttime touchups.

Skin Care

 Hydrafacial. This facial treatment transformed brides and grooms' skin before the wedding.Hydrafacials save us.

Statement Hairstyles

Brides are wearing glam ponytails. "Keep it sleek and straight, or add volume and length to your pony with waves and extensions.

Hair Accessories

Want to wear more than a veil? McCall says pearls in hair are on trend. She says brides are borrowing vintage hair clips and pins.


Classic and lightweight. McCall says the nails are natural nudes and pinks. We love the return of the natural French manicure.

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