10 Things Women Are Better at Than Men

1. Finding Things

The woman enters the room and goes straight to it, leaving the man dumbfounded because he swore he looked there.

2. Taking Hot Showers

WomenThey get used to it and can raise the temperature above what you'd be comfortable with if that were the starting temperature.

3. Going to Doctor

 It's stupid, but I'm too embarrassed.” Kids learn to walk it off. Fall off your bike, scrape your knee, walk it off. So men avoid the doctor. They're walking away.

4. Seeing Color

Women see colour better because 13% of men are colorblind. It's not just about colour; women can see subtle shades.

5. Support System

It's some type of unwritten law for women to immediately bond with a sad, drunk woman stranger in need of a friend or a safe group.

6. Target Practice

Women are more patient than men, making patience-based activities easier for them.Women are patient, humble, and perfectionists.

7. Talking About Emotions

 Putting yourself out there can be scary because we don't know how they'll react. However, women are better at overcoming fear and opening up.

8. Pain Tolerance

Tattoo artists say women can handle more pain. "Men tend to try to act like it doesn't hurt," he says.

9. Asking For Help

 Men say, "I don't need to read the instructions, pull over, or ask for directions." Women are comfortable asking for directions or help reading instructions.

10. Better Doctors

"I've spent probably a collective year in the hospital and can say, based on my experience, that women are better doctors," says one user.

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