10 Signs Your Marriage Is Over And It’s Time To Move On

1.Incompatible Temperament and Values

I'm not saying there isn't room for dialogue and it is, but it goes much deeper than that. It's about looking for signs that, from the outset, that special relationship may have been built on fundamental differences.

2:Aggression/Domestic Violence

Because women are five times more likely to be abused by a male partner, that's not to say that men can't also be recipients of abuse. Both genders can be victims of aggressive partners.

3. Miscommunication,and compromise

There is no law that says we have to commit to compromising everything for the rest of our lives. What goes on in our mind when it comes to being in a relationship because all kinds of relationships require compromise. There will be some forms.

4.Lack of Common Goals

It's important for couples to share a common direction. Goals can include things like moving, buying a house, or having children. Consider where your relationship has taken you. Do you recognize its direction? If not, consider what you want to do about it.

5. Unequal Chores, Work, and Decisions

For example, as a married mother of five children, I found myself wondering why I was juggling four things on top of parenting, buying a car, choosing the kids' schools, and making sure our To get finances on track, there were things I found myself doing alone.

6. Worshiping Four Horsemen

Sometimes, these behaviors are so ingrained that they are hard to undo. When these are present on a daily basis, it is probably a sign that it is time to move on to a healthier relationship in one way or another.

7. Lack of Sexual Fulfillment

Couples who haven't had sex in decades are, literally, wondering why they don't feel connected anymore. Interestingly, men tend to feel closer to their partners after having sex, while women need to feel emotionally connected in order to feel like sex.

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