10 Most Attractive Men's Hairstyles

1 Undercut

Men's undercuts are eye-catching. Shave the back and sides and sweep the top hair left, right, or backward. Natural men's pomade or hair gel styles it quickly.

2 Classic Quiff

The top is combed forward except for the front, which is brushed up. The sides are shorter. This requires hair wax or natural men's styling cream.

3 Classic Pompadour

Vanilla Ice wore this classic men's hairstyle in the 1990s. The "pomp," or top hair, recedes backwards.

4 The Crew Cut

Real man hairstyle! Men's crop haircuts are versatile. This hairstyle suits older men and busy professionals. 

5 The Buzz Cut

With its low-maintenance buzzcut, the military has popularized masculinity, toughness, and authority. The buzzcut is done with electric clippers.

6 The Side Part

This 50s hairstyle is clean, professional, and timeless. Classic side parts need a taper. Top hair should be longer than sides.

7 Tousled 

Men's style includes bedhead hair! First, mid-length hair with partially trimmed sides. Use a natural men's pomade or hair gel to "mess up" the hair. 

8 Long Round 

Unlike the buzzcut, the "longcut" is low-maintenance. It maximises thick hair. Men with naturally wavy, curly, thick hair can wear this hairstyle.

9 The Fade

Black men's fades have well-balanced hair above the forehead. No thin or shaved hair. Natural men's pomade or hair gel defines and shines top hair.

10 Bald Head

Baldness is the least deceptive. Constantly clean. A good natural men's hair conditioner in the shower will keep the scalp healthy.

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