10 luxury destinations that should be on your travel bucket list

1) Dubai

 Emirates business class offers full three-course meals, twinkling star ceilings, and the bar from the second Sex and the City movie.

2) The Bahamas

Bahamas tourism is booming. There are more remote islands, such as the Exumas, that offer more private and secluded beach experiences.

3) Norway

Norway is a luxury travel must-see. Scandinavia has pebble-lined beaches, majestic fjords, green-capped mountains, and lush forests.

4) Italy

Italy has many destinations. Indeed, Bel Pais means beautiful country.Of course, its delicious food is beautiful

5) The Seychelles

Guests can scuba dive, snorkel, go sailing, relax on private beaches, and hike mountains with panoramic views.

6) Maldives

Here, you can relax in crystal-clear waters, eat locally foraged coconut, tuna and chili, and receive world-class in-room spa treatments.

7) Argentina

Buenos Aires may be South America's Europe, but Argentina, larger than Texas and Mexico, has many other beautiful places worth visiting. 

8) Hawaii

Hawaii is not close to the East Coast, making it ideal for those who don't want to go through customs and immigration.

9) France

From Provence's lavender fields to Saint-beaches, Tropez's it's no wonder Americans fall in love with this romantic country and never want to leave

10) Iceland

Due to its low population, vast uninhabited land and ability for guests to disconnect, Iceland has quietly become a top wellness destination.

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