BedJet Sleeping

BedJets keep you warm in winter and cool in summer while you sleep. This user called their refurbished one life-changing.


One user suggested buying an electric bike and two locks, including a NYC kryptonite lock, to secure it. 


By finding the right computer, usually the more expensive option, you will get a high speed and sound computer that will last longer than a budget model.

The Eyes Have It

We must correct our vision to function in the world.See some laser eye surgery patients who said it changed their lives.

Work Of Art

Museums are lovely places to relax and stimulate the mind. This commenter said a museum membership improved her health and well-being.

Expensive Shoes

Shoes are essential, but too many people skimp on buying the best pair for their feet.spending more on shoes makes your feet happier.


Anthony Bourdain insisted on good knives and kitchen tools. It's smart financially and makes you happy.

Toilet Paper

Get a bidet like Europe and Asia to feel cleaner and use less toilet paper. Trust forum members.

Espresso Machine 

I make a latte every day, but my machine is no longer made. My coffee shop latte would cost $21,900.” Saving big money improves life.

A Good Attorney

When you need a lawyer and go to court, you must hire the best. One forum member made this great point.


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