10 Easy Ways You Can Become More Attractive in 30 Days

1:Focus on Your Posture

Social posture can make you appear more attractive. Doing so makes you appear taller, more confident, and enhances your attractive features.

2:Look Up

Looking up enhances attractiveness. Looking down shows disinterest in communication and is unattractive to both men and women.

3:Wear Red

Red attracts. A red top or accessory can make you instantly more attractive. Yes, red is indeed the color of charm. So you can easily stand out as a hottie.

4:Don't Cross Your Arms

Crossed arms indicate aloofness, which most find unattractive. To avoid appearing dismissive or uncomfortable, keep your arms open.

5:Be Sincere

Men and women still value sincerity. Honesty and openness will make you more popular in your friend group and more trustworthy.

6:Listen to Others

Listening, not just hearing, is rare today. Speak and listen with purpose, holding your thoughts and opinions until the other person finishes.

7:Nod Your Head

Nodding affirms the other person's thoughts, concerns, and feelings. Use this tip often to demonstrate your empathy and listening skills. 

8:Smile and Laugh

Smiling makes people more open, attractive, and approachable, and a sense of humour makes you stand out. Avoid appearing stoic and serious.

9:Be Confident

Confidence makes someone attractive. Confidence makes you more attractive. Embody confidence in your posture and attitude, and you'll be more attractive in no time.

10:Make Connections

Find common ground to make friends and appear more attractive. Agreeing with someone makes you attractive. Thus, you should seek out like-minded people.

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