10 Bad Behaviors and Traits Women Are Extremely Attracted To

Irresponsible actions

Lack of responsibility often attracts bad people. He is spontaneous and courageous. It's fun, but it won't last. It's an effortless way to charm your partner.

Acting fearless

Show yourself that you are not afraid of any trouble nor does it matter to you, some of your nature can also attract your female partner towards you.

Smoking and drinking

Ghent University found that women prefer men who drink and smoke. Short-term romances are more appealing. "Risky" male mating strategies are seen by women.

Rebellious spirit

Rebellious men attract women who are tired of being good girls. If you haven't rebelled as a teenager, you may find comfort in a reckless, rebellious adult man. 

Good looks or charm

Blame the media or art, but a bad boy with baggage needs a nice package. You may think of James Dean, and by the time you're emotionally invested, you're under his spell.

Accented masculinity

As females, we obey alphas. Initially. Like wild animals, he is untenable, but a woman cannot help herself. Few can tame the beast, the ultimate goal. Scarred others.


Aggressive bad boys can help you, but they can also hurt you. Alpha males are possessive. Claiming a woman is a red flag.

Lack of emotional availability

Men with addictive bad behaviour attract women. Yes, if a guy doesn't text or comes and goes, it's a chase. His love, attention, and presence. Women know it's unhealthy. However, being unattainable is attractive.


When you meet an overconfident guy, you may have to "shrink" to fit in. These men get away with almost anything because they are authentic and exciting. Initially.

Flirting with others

Flirting can be fun or disrespectful. Bad guys like to make their women green with envy but don't like to see them flirt. Their charm and irresponsibility include flirting.

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